May 14, 2021


To enable the future of Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO) new solutions are needed that address problems inherent to the legacy approach that is based on closed and proprietary software and systems.

The Adaptive Layer Framework (ALF) is JET Systems solution that addresses the problems of proprietary systems and vendor lock with a design that is based on modularity, extensibility and software re-use. ALF leverages the benefits of Open Architecture (OA) in both hardware and software design by creating modular interfaces between software components. This allows ALF-enabled systems to re-use existing interfaces to particular sensors or systems and to rapidly add new interfaces into the existing framework. ALF baseline is platform agnostic and includes support for a platform-specific software layer comprised of software modules unique to a particular platform. Once a capability is developed for an ALF-enabled platform, it can be re-used for other applications and platforms.

This demo represents the potential of using ALF as the system framework for flight or mission computers in manned, unmanned, or optionally-manned vehicles to demonstrate its capability for promoting commonality leading to reduced development and integration schedules while enabling improved data collaboration, remote service discovery and ad-hoc networking and common ground station control.

Mesh Topology
UAV Payload